Our concept

The idea of transformation lies in the core of our brand concept. Our heroine lives in the constantly changing world. Her environment, the place of living, the time and style constantly transform. Yesterday she was fighting for women rights in the America of 70’s, today she drives the streets of Asian metropolis and tomorrow she would wake up in completely new world again, maybe the city of the future. She loves this life. She has not just got used to it, but she enjoys transformations and gets inspired with them.

Every collection by Yana Besfamilnaya represents the story of new incarnation of the girl and her wardrobe, in which every piece can change shape, fit and even purpose.

The philosophy of transformation embraces not just the attitude for clothing. It is an attitude for life.

Step by step, we are getting closer to our goal to become a fully-sustainable brand. We do not use animal leather and animal fur in producing our collections. We produce small collections in order to avoid the leftovers. We strive to be eco-conscious and our concept maintains the ideas of creating highly versatile and comfortable, and still highly fashionable wardrobe.


 “I started designing kids clothes when my first child Sophia was born and became a designer. Now looking back into the past, I realize that this was not the beginning. As a child I used to draw models in beautiful dresses in classes. Fashion design was always my passion” – says Yana Besfamilnaya, the founder and designer. She started with local sewing courses, design courses then graduated Central Saint-Martin’s and NABA Milan fashion courses and ran her first womenswear collection. This was followed with a lot of self-seeking, great amount of hand embroidery, couture design and hard working on searching of the brand identity.

Now the brand has its own unique concept, which started with idea of the transformation of everything, especially fashion transformation.

Nothing is constant in this world. Everything changes, evolves and transforms each day and everyday.

Transformation is everything and everything is transformation. That’s why we pursue this idea in our collections.

Take a risk and transform, invent, switch looks, play fashion, be badass, make a statement and be sexy.

Why? ‘Cause you’re a #YBgirl.
- @yanabesfamilnaya